Dave Hattersley. Ont Sofa.com

Dave Hattersley. Ont Sofa.com

Dave Hattersley is a singer songwriter form Halifax West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Dave started playing guitar aged 18, after attending Leeds Festival in 2002. Starting on electric guitar and learning to play at a fast rate.

After playing for roughly 2 years, Dave decided to start from scratch and put some structure and knowledge to the natural ability. He started to have lessons on guitar and became a student at Huddersfield college of performing arts.

Before this Dave was just trying to become the best guitarist possible. During this time at Huddersfield, a real love for music grew, and of songwriting and singing. It is safe to say that this time put Dave on the path towards become a well rounded musician rather than just a guitar player.

After leaving college. Dave started to experiment with different aspects of music. Firstly playing gigs as a solo artist. Then, playing drums in a band with close friends “project go”. Forming his own band “generic chants”. During these times playing in bands, Dave developed a passion for recording, buying his own studio. Recording song after song with the two bands and gaining experience as a self taught sound engineer, mixing engineer and producer etc.

Recording with Generic Chants

Recording with Generic Chants

Unfortunately the bands drifted and Dave fell out of the music scene for a good few years, just playing guitar for a bit of fun.

But in 2012 a new found inspiration has pushed Dave back onto the music scene. Writing some new songs, recording a new album “in your hands” and playing shows again.

Dave has also started a Youtube channel where he displays new recordings and live performances on a regular basis.

The music he is creating now has a very eclectic feel, drawing influences from Dave’s many musical loves. Ranging from folk, hip hop, pop, rock, funk and so on.

One way to describe Dave Hattersley’s music is that it is very honest music. It was not written to please other people. It was written as a form of release, to express feelings and thoughts that were not really going to be heard by anyone at all. But, when people started to express an interest, Dave thought, may as well get it out there….


Playing live at The Puzzle Hall Inn

Playing live at The Puzzle Hall Inn


“Checked out your stuff last night…Fookin’ gorgeous man! I really like your vocal style”

-         Jon Smith

“Dave is really quiet and modest guy who says little but when he gets on stage says a lot. With 10 or more original tunes, he is a voice to be heard and should be better known, and with time he will be.

Seriously mate, I didn’t realise how talented you were. “The Weather Isn’t Bad” was fantastic and so was “In Your Hands”

-         Chris Lawson